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Educational Gifts for your Little Scientist

Young children naturally want to learn. They constantly ask ‘why?’ because they are trying to understand the world. Reading books, watching TV programs and talking to your children about the fascinating world we live in can spark intrigue.

Fostering an inquisitive nature in your child from a young age can be as easy as talking about what the trees do (make oxygen), or how far away the suns is (151 million kilometres away). These simple fun facts start kids on a learning journey.

For the inquisitive children in your life we have a range of educational  educational puzzles that are the perfect gifts to educate kids of all ages. Whether they want to be a palaeontologist or a marine biologist we have an educational puzzle that kids will love and will get them started on their journey of discovery.

Here’s our favourite gift ideas for nurturing and educating young children: 

Day at the Dinosaur Museum Puzzle 48 pc

Day at the Science Museum Puzzle 48 pc


Here’s our favourite educational jigsaw puzzle gift ideas for older children: 

36 Animal Species Puzzle 100 pc - Ocean Animals

World of African Animals Puzzle 750 pc

36 Animal Species Puzzle 100 pc - Wild Animals

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